Tài nguyên lập trình web mới nhất năm 2016: http://techtalk.vn/tai-nguyen-lap-trinh-web-moi-nhat-nam-2016.html 14 Best Free css scrollbar style for blogger 2015:  http://www.pakmax.net/2014/08/14-best-free-css-scrollbar-style-for.html 8 hàm CSS siêu hay:  http://techtalk.vn/8-ham-css-sieu-hay.html Tìm hiều về các length unit phổ biến trong CSS:  http://techtalk.vn/tim-hieu-ve-cac-length-unit-pho-bien-trong-css.html Học Sass trong 15 phút:  http://techtalk.vn/hoc-sass-trong-15-phut.html 5 Responsive Design Pitfalls and How to […]

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Reference from: http://www.sitepoint.com/5-responsive-design-pitfalls-and-how-to-avoid-them/ — Picture this. You’ve just created a responsive masterpiece, and then you check it out on a mobile device. Things break in ways you never would have expected. Text is going haywire, animations are choppy, and your forms don’t look anything like how you styled them. You spend […]

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Presentation: Comparison about Bootstrap and Semantic-UI Demo Semantic-UI: http://ezlnk.link/demo-ui-frameworks/ Source in CodeIgniter: http://ezlnk.link/demo-ui-frameworks.zip   My conclusion: Although, Bootstrap is the most popular, but Semantic-UI,  in some ways I think, is well-implemented and well-remembered by neared-human-language in codes with developers. So it’s worth using. Also, semantics are trendings in the world. Why don’t we try Semantic-UI […]

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