Tài nguyên lập trình web mới nhất năm 2016: http://techtalk.vn/tai-nguyen-lap-trinh-web-moi-nhat-nam-2016.html 14 Best Free css scrollbar style for blogger 2015:  http://www.pakmax.net/2014/08/14-best-free-css-scrollbar-style-for.html 8 hàm CSS siêu hay:  http://techtalk.vn/8-ham-css-sieu-hay.html Tìm hiều về các length unit phổ biến trong CSS:  http://techtalk.vn/tim-hieu-ve-cac-length-unit-pho-bien-trong-css.html Học Sass trong 15 phút:  http://techtalk.vn/hoc-sass-trong-15-phut.html 5 Responsive Design Pitfalls and How to […]

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Reference from: http://www.sitepoint.com/front-end-tools-favorite-finds-2015 — We’re just about at the end of 2015 and I’m sure you’d all agree it’s been another year jam-packed with new tools for web design and development. While doing my newsletter I’ve come across lots of interesting things, so I thought it would be cool to summarize […]

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