Hướng dẫn: JavaScript Modules http://techtalk.vn/huong-dan-javascript-modules.html Series Javascript Sida – Cùng làm quen và nghịch ES6: http://techtalk.vn/series-javascript-sida-cung-lam-quen-va-nghich-es6.html … 2,386 total views, no views today

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Reference from: https://www.facebook.com/notes/h%E1%BB%93ng-ph%C3%B9ng-ph%C3%A1t/t%C3%ACm-hi%E1%BB%83u-chung-v%E1%BB%81-transclude-trong-angularjs-1x/1285652024779277 — Bài viết chỉ đơn giản thuật lại những gì mình bị vướng và muốn đào sâu 1 chút về transclude. Lược dịch từ: http://angular-tips.com/blog/2014/0… Giới thiệu Tranclude theo mình là 1 chủ để hơi khó (chắc là với mình) trong Angularjs. Thông thường, 1 directive nếu không […]

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Reference from: https://hpphat.wordpress.com/2016/09/07/call-bind-va-apply-trong-javascript/ — Mục tiêu của bài viết là để làm rõ hơn về 1 chủ đề mà mình nghĩ là chuyên sâu trong JS (và mình cũng đang có hứng thú nên viết để mọi người cùng chia sẻ). Nguồn tham khảo và dịch: How To Use .call(), .apply() […]

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Một trong những khó khăn cho những ai mới làm quen với AngularJS đó là vấn đề sử dụng new isolate/isolated scope (scope: {…}) của directive. Đối với vấn đề sử dụng loại {scope: true} hoặc {scope: false}, các bạn có thể đọc bài sau để hiểu rõ hơn: Understanding […]

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Reference from: http://www.2ality.com/2015/08/getting-started-es6.html — This blog post helps you to get started with ECMAScript 6 (ES6): It explains how you can interactively try out ES6. It lists ES6 features that are easy to adopt, along with how those features are coded in ES5. Trying out ECMAScript 6 There are three simple […]

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Reference from: http://www.sitepoint.com/front-end-tools-favorite-finds-2015 — We’re just about at the end of 2015 and I’m sure you’d all agree it’s been another year jam-packed with new tools for web design and development. While doing my newsletter I’ve come across lots of interesting things, so I thought it would be cool to summarize […]

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Reference from: http://chariotsolutions.com/blog/post/angularjs-corner-using-promises-q-handle-asynchronous-calls/ — The AngularJS $q service is said to be inspired by Chris Kowal’s Q library (github.com/kriskowal/q). The library’s goal is to allow users to monitor asynchronous progress by providing a “promise” as a return from a call. In AngularJS, the semantics of using a promise are: var promise […]

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Reference from: http://ilikekillnerds.com/2014/11/constants-values-global-variables-in-angularjs-the-right-way/ — The subject of global variables in most languages is enough to bring the most passionate code junkies out of the woodwork ready to debate and bite off your feet for even entertaining the thought. The reality is in a framework like AngularJS globals are warranted at times, […]

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Reference from: https://github.com/angular/angular.js/wiki/Understanding-Scopes — Executive Summary: In AngularJS, a child scope normally prototypically inherits from its parent scope. One exception to this rule is a directive that uses scope: { … } — this creates an “isolate” scope that does not prototypically inherit.(and directive with transclusion) This construct is often used […]

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