Reference from: — This may not be the only way to implement facades in Laravel 5, but here is how I did it. We’re going to create a custom Foo facade available in the Foobar namespace. 1. Create a custom class First, for this example, I will be creating a […]

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Reference from: — Many people are aware that modern browsers limit the number of concurrent connections to a specific domain to between 4 or 6. This means that if your web page loads dozens of asset files (js, images, css) from the same domain they will be queued up to […]

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Reference from:–cms-22330 — OpenCart has been a successful framework for small-to-medium scale e-commerce sites. Although the core of OpenCart provides many features a shopping cart site needs in the front-end, it’s also the third-party extensions that play a major role in its success. Having said that, circumstances may arise in which […]

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Reference from:–cms-22289 — Welcome back to the OpenCart developer series. In our previous article on module development, we built our first “Hello World Module” by using MVC (Model-View-Controller) with respect to the dashboard. In this article, we’re going to build a module for the front-end. I’d recommend that you review my previous article […]

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Reference from:–cms-21873 — In the previous articles, we examined the MVC architecture and created our first controller, model, and view in the OpenCart application. We did this in order to help gain a better understanding of the core application. To take things a step further, we’re going to look at […]

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Reference from:–cms-21627 — In the previous tutorial, we discussed some of the basics for understanding the core OpenCart application. In this article, we are going to continue the discussion of the design pattern employed by OpenCart and even write our own controller. Before understanding the code architecture in OpenCart, We’ll first examine the Model-View-Controller (MVC) […]

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Reference from:–cms-21482 — Up until this point, our previous articles focused on OpenCart’s user interface. In the articles, we discussed how to use the admin panel. Starting in this article, we’ll be understanding the OpenCart Framework which is based on MVC design pattern. If you’re familiar with Model-View-Controller (MVC), then […]

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Reference from:–cms-21302 — Welcome to the next article in our OpenCart series. In our previous articles, we’ve discussed the administration panel and its controls; however, we haven’t actually discussed entering products, categories, and so on. In this article, we’ll begin doing exactly that. Adding Products is essential and a basic […]

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Reference from:–cms-20776 — In the first part of the series, we took a look at how to get started by setting up OpenCart on our local development machine. In this part we are going to understand the admin panel. OpenCart has very interactive and easy-to-user user interface. Users found no […]

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